Team Mayhem - Halo and Halo Wars focused Community


Hey guys we are Team Mayhem, A international Halo focused Xbox One only community that is looking to bring amazing moments/memories to it’s members. The main goal for this clan is to build a solid active group for both halo and halo wars that our members deserve. We are not looking for 10000000+ members to show off to others, we are looking for individuals who care about halo and care for the members around them (members come easy once you build a strong and active foundation of members and we are planning on doing just that). Casual or competitive, as long as you’re mature and want to have a good time on halo you’re more than welcome to sign up.

Ranks and Battalions:

We use a pretty simple rank structure to to keep the community actively running. We also have 2 battalions one for halo titles and one for halo wars titles, however this doesn’t prevent you from playing with members from the other battalions just helps give everyone the idea on your preference of game.


  • All communication is done through both the website and Xbox, we will not be using any other form of communication.

  • Any new member that is recruited will be told everything they need to do and know about the community. Not one person should feel left out as we will take pride with our respect towards fellow halo members.

Alliances/Friends of Team Mayhem:

We are more than happy to set up halo events with other clans and communities, whether it’s customs or clan battles. However all discussions about events will be left to Leaders, Colonels, Majors to avoid any sort of unnecessary drama that tends to ensue. We will have open custom,BTB, warzone and possibly tournament nights in the future too. More will be mentioned then.

What we play:

We are aiming to build a community around…well everything! Campaign, Rank, Social, Warzone, Customs and forge we wanna play all the things!


  • Must be 16+ (No exceptions)
  • Have a working headset
  • Understand and speak English
  • Able to game with the community at least one a week minimum
  • Able to go on the website at least once a week minimum
  • Not be apart of any clan, though general Xbox clubs for games are acceptable, e.g Halo Customs

You’re not required:

  • To change you gamer tag, though if you want to support the community in more ways then one it would be appreciated
  • To have an amazing K/D, we all had to start somewhere
  • To have an amazing win/loss
  • To changed your armour, emblem or tag

How to join:

  • Head over to

  • While you’re signing up you will be prompted to complete a application

  • Once your application has been accepted and completed you will be automatically given the recruit rank which last for 7 days in which a captain or above can promote you (based on your activity within that week) and you shall become an official member of Team Mayhem!

If you have any issues about signing up or any queries about the community feel free to message me on the Team Mayhem site, Halowaypoint or on Xbox live and i’ll get to you asap.


  • We are currently in our infancy stage at the moment (this community was created on the 3rd of January) so we have few members but this gives new recruits higher possibilities at obtaining leadership roles if they want to go for them.
  • I will be on xbox all weekend too so if anyone wants to play halo wars, halo 5 or mcc lemme know :slight_smile: