Team Laurel is looking for talented Spartans.

Hi, I am the founder of Team Laurel. There are 2 members so far, but we need at least 4 members to make this Spartan Company become active.
This is YOUR chance to join a new Spartan Company starting from the bottom - teamwork, encouragement and fair play are our keys to victory.
The target audience are (of course) skilled players, but also casual players are welcomed to join. Our goal is to provide an amazing Halo 5: Guardians experience to every team member. If you are interested, leave a message behind or contact me.

Laurel stands for victory.
-Captain Tanooki

Further information:

Q: What requirements do you need to become a Team Laurel member?

  • You should be 16+ years old and know how to play Halo. If you are completely new to Halo, train enough before joining our team. - You should play regularly and respect other team members.Trolls, unfair players or hackers are undesired.

What it is, 1st hope you find people for ur company. I’m looking for people to play with add me if you want I’ll add you back then some good old Halo 5. I’ll be on day one and if you need a fill player for a team game until you find for your company let me know,