Team Hype Recruitment.

Team Hype.

Chill Group
Officially formed on Halo Reach. Were a group of united family.
Haveing fun in gamenights, average gamenights every 1-2 weeks on Fridays.
Official Hype Youtube: Demand Agro - YouTube

We are currently starting our competitive side up in Halo 5. Landing your shots are mandatory.
Remmeber. This is not a clan. The rest of Hype is in our Skype Chat. Not in this company!
Message Me Your Skype Name To Be Added To The Skype Chat.
iproficientzZ. TH Luck.

We will fully decide in the group chat with the Founders and Co-Founders.
Hype Luck
Hype Twist
Hype Ghost
Hype Arch
Hype Mercy
Hype Fire
Hype Sham
Hype Aries
Hype Asian
Hype Didact
Hype Seyrik
Hype Prodigy
Hype Chubs
Hype Blood
Hype Wolf
Hype Icey

Team Hype Personal Mottos
“Mess with the best, Die with the rest” - Hype Twist
“Watch yourself. We’re coming” - Hype Wolf
“We are the legacy we leave behind” - Hype Ares
“Never stress just to be the best” - Hype Luck

Have a Great Day