Team games seem less team oriented.

I have noticed that in nearly every game I play almost nobody is trying to play as a team. This is a huge problem in slayer and warzone where you are meant to work as a team. Why do so many people think that slayer calls for a one man army? If one team actually works as a group they almost always win against people trying to solo slayer.

I understand your frustration, but maybe it’s your method of engagement. I typically do SWAT and depending on what map you’re on you have the opportunity to play as a team or be a one man army. Also, the more kills and accommodations you get in slayer or warzone not only are you a more valuable player but you also show you can handle your own, hence the reason for ranked. People who are ranked in Diamond and Onyx grind constantly to maintain their ranks. Some people even are more concerned about KDs and KDAs. Typically when I play SWAT I choose a person to walk behind and cover them, if they go down I get the person who gunned them down. At that point, (in my opinion) it’s just being tactical.

Unless you are referring to WZFF, WZ is too large and chaotic to work as one whole team. In regular 4v4 slayer nobody bothers talking in game chat for good reason, its a crapshoot if you have friendly teammates or not. If you solo queue, all you can really expect is to depend on yourself.

That’s one of the most difficult things about competitive games, IMO. Halo 5 is probably the most competitive 4v4 Halo since probably Halo 3, so team slayer games are just basically ultra-sweat fests, especially since everyone is on their own screen with no guests/split screen experience.

And since people really don’t use game chat anymore, you really have to come prepared with your own team to have a chance. Sure, there are the rare solo queue players who just tear up, but that’s really uncommon.