Team Fortress 2 has better servers than Infinite

Yeah yeah, ignore the bots for a cool second, but here me out. Despite the occasional face-stab in TF2… there’s next to no desync or unfair deaths. In terms of server connection, balancing is its own can of worms.

Why do I say this? okay, when the servers are so bad that I can sword someone, killing them, whiles they also back smack me. Meaning we both die and the server doesn’t even know weather we were infront or behind of one another, that’s just plain bad, infact worse than past Halo game servers.
As well as; being hit behind clear cover, explosion range/damage inconsistencies, shots not registering, etc…

Mind you, my connection is generally around 60-100 ms. not the best, sure, but good enough for these issues to happen once in a blue moon in other games. But in infinite, it’s about as common as finding sand in the desert

Now, I ain’t ignoring the issues TF2 still has, like face stabbing, or hitboxes being delayed at times. but TF2 was a game made on poor coding and was made in 2007. Halo Infinite had 6 years to make, with a bigger team than Valve had in 07, more money, and the improved recourses in current day, releasing in 2021. Infinite has no excuse for this poor net coding and the poor optimization for console and pc

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You’re simply focusing on the wrong thing. If you’ll direct your attention over to the store, you’ll see the labor of love - horrendously totally reasonably priced cosmetic unlocks. Boulder dash on core backend code - would you rather have smooth synced gameplay or cat ears?

Ideally both. Either way, I agree a AAA game studio whose spent the last half decade with their head down should be able to produce better results with respect to critical game code.

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Probably because they didn’t put a bunch of farts in their servers.