Team Forerunner Recruitment

Hello I Am BASS LINE ANGEL And I Am A Co-Leader For The Clan Team Forerunner.We Are A Group Of Dedicated halo Fans, Were A Strictly Halo Based Clan That Loves To have Fun But Will get Competitive When It Comes To It. At this Point Were Only Looking For Dedicated Halo Players, One Thing Too: We Do Not Do MLG Sorry To Say. We Have A Set Of Guidelines That Each Member Must Follow:

  1. Player must respect and obey the leader and co-leaders and must respect other members in the clan.

  2. Player must not cuss/swear at ALL!

  3. Player must be a good sport whether it’s win or loss.

  4. Player must have a mic and must communicate to the team.

  5. Player must be willing to participate in ALL Halo Reach game modes.

  6. Player must change their emblem to Team Forerunner’s official emblem.

  7. Player must play some sort of Halo at least 50% of their gaming career.

  8. Player must be continually involved with the clan.

  9. Player must be supportive of the team, allowing other teammates to use weapons and vehicles that they are skillful with.

  10. Player must not be in any other clan outside of Team Forerunner on the Xbox 360.

  11. Have fun!

Contact Me On XBL If You Are Interested In Joining