Team for H5 HCS

Looking for a dedicated team to practice with or skrim against if I make my own. I’m on everyday except saturday at 6pmEST for 3 -4 hours.

Hi Fishy Tomato,

My name is Mark and I am looking for the same. I want a team to grind with in HCS. I get on at 6:30 pm EST every weekday. I can probably make a certain time every weekend too. I’ll friend you :ok_hand:

I’ll be on tonight after the finals.

Hey you guys ! I got a team called rF (Rapid fire ) we are a new team looking for good members . Looking for someone with a mic,teamwork,call outs, want to pratcie an also have some fun on infection . Or warzone, gt change is required . But we like to play as a team for a while an practice an then possibly get into some online tournaments if your interested hmu ! rF Frag is my gt

I’ll give you an add. Idk about a gt change this early in the grind. Maybe later along the line depending on how well we work together as a team, I’m definitely interested in the offer though, and would very much like to play together sometime later this week.

If y’all need people to scrimmage against hmu.

For sure man !!! We deffently can play sometime soon!!! You can add some of my other guys to play with them to just say your recruited by rF Frag an they should play . But you don’t have to change your name on this account you can just make a new account an play on it ? That’s what I did but I play on this one all the

I’m looking for the same kinda deal.

Forlater interested in joining my team ? We going to be on tonight to practice if you interested lmk !!!