Team Doubles Teammate

As the title say’s I’m looking for players to play in the doubles playlist, it’s basicly all I play now and I want to get 1(or more) people to play with regularly. also will be the first ranked playlist I try to get a 50/onyx/whatever new ranking method they use in Halo 4, assuming they’ll have one of course.

GT = “Im Unthumbed”

A mic is a must and knowing call-outs is a great plus :wink:

Still looking for competetive players who frequent Team Doubles

I love doubles! I would be down for some team dubs…

I even have a clan, so if you are interested, we can chat about recruitment. Ill send you an XBOXLive Message.

I don’t often play doubles because I’m usually in a bigger group but I have some experience with it. Send me a FR on Live-SmG Toast.

I play only dubs and mlg i have a mic and know callouts. Im pretty decent and would def be down for that add my GT ALCOHOLIKk