Team doubles & Team Snipers

I’m trying to work my head around this right now.

When the MCC was released, the game didn’t come out with the Team Doubles and Team Snipers playlist. If you guys remember, there was a massive uproar about this and thousands of people complaining that 2 of the most original and played playlist wasn’t a option on the Halo franchise.

Is there a specific reason why you haven’t added those 2 playlists onto the release of Halo 5? I understand you want new playlists, which Breakout is amazing for; however you also need to keep the fundamental playlists on such a game, just like how you guys are going to revamp the custom game system ect.

I really thought there was going to be team doubles… which there isnt, so i’m left utterly disappointed…

The thing is, its such a great game to play, and its 10x better to play with a group of friends where you all work together.
For myself its hard to get 4 people that love halo as much as me online at any one time, so I end up playing slayer with random people without any communication.

Team doubles, the same as halo 3 would solve this! Wingman FTW

Please 343, please!!

I’m curious too, where the hell is Team Doubles and Team Snipers? Does the Halo franchise really wanna risk losing MORE fans? PLEASE BRING THEM BACK…

Almost every halo has released without double team and all of them end up with it later on. And 343i has been listening to its community so btb, snipers, double team possibly even action sack will be coming surely after forge drops there will be a lot of playlist updates after December