Team Colors, Outlines, and possible options.

Honestly, I think the outline system is broken. It makes it far too easy to see someone on the enemy team when they would’ve gone otherwise unnoticed if they weren’t glowing red the whole time. Implementing a system where you can see your team at all times makes sense, but we shouldn’t have outlines for the enemy. And giving us the option to turn them off doesn’t do anything because then you’re just putting yourself at a disadvantage.

I love the outlines.

I was always mixing up the red and blue thing. Which team am I on this time? At least at the start of the game after being the other colour for a few games. And yes, I know it’s stupid. I’m old.

But now I have control. The enemy is always yellow. Beautiful bright, incandescent yellow.

As for the stealth thing. For the most part I think it’s over-rated. You are either behind cover or not. I don’t think you should be able to peak out “for free”. And if you want to extend this to being able to “hide if full sight” - no thanks.

In the old days we had 16 bit graphics and your red or blue Spartans stuck out like a sore thumb on the silver, green, or yellow maps.

Now we have multicoloured Spartans with intricate armours blending in on very busy 4K screens. Just like in real life it’s hard to spot something at a distance that isn’t moving. Do we want that level of “realism” in an arena shooter.

Do we want people running Behemoth in sand coloured coatings? Or an ice map dressed in white?

I say “light 'em up” and shoot them.

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Well said. Totally agree. :wink: