Team Colors, Fast Mongoose, Lunge Punch, Cosmetic purchases

I understand that they want to let chumps who spend wasted money on their cosmetic paywall, but the lack of team colors just throws me off. There isn’t even an option in settings for different types of colorblindness. My brother can’t see red or green. That tiny red outline in your enemies doesn’t even show up for him. We’re wasting valuable time identifying a friend or foe! When the blood is a-pumpin’ and all hell has broken loose in the midst of a heated firefight, that fraction of a delay can be your downfall. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I’m on the blue team, and I see a blue armored spartan (even with a thin tiny red line around it), I hesitate.

Want to know what doesn’t hesitate? The mongoose. I’ll admit, it was fun, and still kinda is, driving these zippy little spazzes around. But you controlling them is sooo much more difficult than it used to be. With as fast as the vehicles are now, I can just feel the Initial D soundtrack in my soul.

But what hits harder than that is the lunging punches. The reach on melee may as well be in a RedBull commercial with the wings you soar on as you punch! Can I cash in some frequent flyer mileage for supply drop? I know it’s a stretch, but I just feel like it goes further than it used to.

What’s even more of a stretch is believing I would EVER pay for armor on a Halo game… No thanks. After the travesty of Halo 5 removing my couch co-op, and now this? Sorry. I won’t be purchasing this game. I’ve played since Combat Evolved and tortured all my Call of Duty friends with my constant need to play (what I thought was) a superior game.

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Paragraph 1: You don’t need color blindness settings because you can change team, enemy team, fireteam, spectator, and spectator 2 colors, to any of a decent sized list of colors and shades of the rainbow.

Paragraph 2: Vehicles are actually much EASIER to drive now, because there’s a button for drifting, handbrake, and roll rotation, so you can lean in a vehicle mid air or tipping to tilt it back straight up instead of flipping over. You can also do tricks.

Paragraph 3: Melee snapping isn’t even that severe. You need to lock aim with the person to melee snap them, and it works better in the air, mainly because there is no collision with players and it helps guarantee you connect your punch instead of passing through them.

Paragraph 4: You don’t need to pay a dime on cosmetics if you don’t want to. They’re adding thousands of items for the next 10 years, so people can buy what they like, not so you have to buy every single thing. Also, they added split screen multiplayer to consoles and it should come to PC soon too, so your couch co-op is back as it used to be.

  1. Okay, I’ll give it to you that yes you can change that color, but it doesn’t change the fact that the armors are also all colors of the rainbow. That outline doesn’t do diddley.

  2. Yes you can shift your weight. I was actually rather impressed by that. However the speed is absurd. CTF is a lot faster than it used to for experienced players. A few rounds of that felt like playing Crazy Taxi. Also there’s been a handbrake since Halo 2, that’s nothing new.

  3. Lunging should only be with weapons that lunge! I may not have spent much time in Halo 4 or 5, but I definitely don’t remember snapping when I’d pistol whip a deserving fellow. Speaking of melee, didn’t a hit from an oddball or flag deal more damage? The draw back of holding the objective was that you were slowed, but you hit like a truck. Now, it feels like a Prius.

  4. The next 10 years? Oh that’ll be great… As for co-op, yes they have it in multiplayer, but it’s been advertised that co-op for campaign won’t be out until sometime in 2022. So the game will launch, then eventually you’ll get to play with your friends? In all fairness, if I do go back on my word and buy the game, it will definitely be after the campaign coop is added. I’d imagine that’ll be after it’s price takes a nose dive and crashes like a pelican, just like with what happened to Halo 5

They got nerfed because the devs want players to be encouraged to drop the objective and defend themselves instead of relying entirely on the team and being a one hit beast, but I still usually ninja with the oddball, and I flag juggle anyway, so at least it’s not locked in your hand like Halo 4 was.

Yes, they can’t keep delaying the game forever, so they’re just going to release it, and work out the bugs and take feedback from players for a while until it’s stable in performance, optimized, better servers, and balanced, with tweaks based on concerns to the game that people dislike or want changed. It’ll be a long road until the game is good, but MCC was borderline unplayable for years too.

Oh nerfing one of the core mechanics of this game since it’s start. Well sorry for not expecting a twenty year old feature to change…

Oh and please don’t remind me of the debacle that was the MCC. That beached whale should not be an excuse for Infinite to drag it’s heels. I understand that companies will push the developers to race to an absurd deadline. It’s the nature of the business. But I want a game that will work if I pay for it. And as of right now, it does. It’s a little rough around the edges, but hey, it’s a beta. That’s why we’re here, to offer constructive criticism.

Not piss and moan and argue. The game is fine, but it could be better. Gimme more game modes please. Do I have to offer a sacraficial lamb on a CTF flag post? I’ve got one right here.

There are videos of other game modes coming, including one based on Destiny gameplay, where you die, become a ghost orb, and teammates can revive you

Oh Destiny… I have nothing good to say about that game, except that they had Nathan Fillion in it. I got my needed dosage of Buck.

That resurrection sounds nice, but how would they explain that in the lore? I’m sure it wouldn’t be “resurrection”, maybe just beating a spartan with a Combat Evolved medkit, filling them with biofoam and drugs. A kinda “finish the fight” theme maybe. I just hope they put as much work into the lore as they do the with the gameplay.