Team Classic Needs more "Classic" maps.

I enjoy Team Classic very much, since it is the closest game mode that actually some what feels like the original gameplay, minus the DMR and Bloom. However, there aren’t alot of maps featured in the playlist. For instance, I played Prolonged (Elongation) 3 times in a row last night. While I enjoy the same map twice every once in a while, it’s gotten to the point that I play the same map over and over. Why is it that due to the July Multiplayer update that maps were added to Team Slayer and BTB and not to Team Classic? There are only maybe 5-7 maps in Team Classic and it’s starting to get a tad boring playing the same maps over and over and over.

Why not add a good remake of Ascension with a Banshee or Turf so you can play 3- Plot.
How about a remake of The Pit and maybe Chill Out or even a Narrows remake.
There are alot of Guardian remakes out there, why not add Guardian too?

Just add some new makes for gods sakes. Things are getting very, very repetitive in Team Classic.

Also, add more gametypes such as Team Snipers or Team Swat, because it would be nice to play those gametypes on the remade maps.

Oh man. The first time I played Team Classic, it was a nightmare. It was 3x faster than any other Halo game on one of the smallest maps. I don’t like Team Classic.

But to stay on topic, I did notice they variety of maps is pretty small. And mostly forge world maps.

I am sure you will get your wish. You will however have to wait until November unfortunately. :frowning:

To answer your question about why more weren’t added in the last update, I would say because the population doesn’t merit it. I also believe Jeremiah said he wasn’t devoting much time to it due to the low population.

i just play halo 3 its better