Team Check Your Shots Recruiting for HCS

Hello all, I am Hojubobdan, I am the CEO and Founder of Check Your Shots. Our sister org is Check Your Micro which is the number 1 Halo Wars 2 organization. I am looking for 1-3 able bodied men to join my org and create Check Your Shots first HCS team. We will be putting a team together each week for the Open HCS on Sundays and for LAN tournies. This is going to be a high level team so serious players with high skill level only. Please add me on discord at Hojubobdan#6906 if you are interested in trying out. or post on this thread.
Must have good communication skills and be able to check your opponents shots
Must be 16+ (preferably a full grown adult)
Must be at least onyx
Preferably Eastern Timezone

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