Team Based Equipment

While I’m aware that most of the time, in halo 3, equipment was used in solo encounters, I personally always tried to use it to assist teammates in our goals. Trying to hold a point? Bubble shield, or regen. Trying to get the team to an advanced position? Grav lift. Not to mention how these could interact with each other.

In H:I, all equipment except 1 are solo focused. The drop shield is the only team assist equipment, and it’s easily the worst one.

I’m just saying, should they add any equipment to the game going forward, I think some team based equipment would be very beneficial to the sandbox, and promote better team play.

most off the equipment are still team based only diffrend is how do your team is using it.

the Threat Sensor is also a team based equipment if the player that is using can pin point where there are in the range off the sensor and tell the other team players.

the problem is think not the equipment but that the problem is more that a lot off players not care about helping each other and only care about there own.
since we all have or own diffrend play style in the multiplayer.