Team balancing

It doesn’t exist whatsoever in this game, does it? I’m lucky if I can’t find a teammate who will go neutral, while the whole other team is paired up all going 15-7 and better. Am I the only one constantly being screwed over by teammates…?

No your not. I’m here with you. At least 80% of my losses are from my team sucking and backing out all the time. In arena, Either my team destroys the other team or the other team destroys us. It’s never fair or close. Halo 5 is the only game that makes me scream. I can play any other shooter and be okay with losing because usually it’s close. Rarely will one team dominate another, but in Halo 5… it’s never fair. I am tired of losing because of this crap. They need to make a social play list for all game modes.

I’m quite annoyed that they don’t provide any playlists to have casual fun in. You always have to play competitively or you’ll just get destroyed. I try to play warzone when I want to play casually, but its the same case there. When you die, you have to run for 2 minutes to reach the destination you were previously at just so you can get one shotted by a railgun or some crap. I honestly don’t understand why its an issue making infected a playlist, bungie never did it either unless it was around Halloween. There was action sack in Halo 3 and that was a casual playlist, I don’t see any reason to not bring it back, not every playlist needs to be competitive…


In theory, this ranking system should be generally competitive/enjoyable. Unfortunately in it’s current state, it is not. First off, nobody should be placed higher than Diamond 1 out of their 10 placement matches IMHO. People getting placed directly into Champion is a joke. Also, if you’re going to put people into a division, then they should only face people within their division. That is how “divisions” are meant to work, you get placed in one, prove your might, and work yourself out of it. I got placed in Diamond 1, yet consistently face high Onyx people, which is a complete joke. I essentially am stuck in Diamond 1, because the game is putting me up against much higher ranked opponents.