Team Balancing problem

Why does this game in the Arena have so much difficulty in making balanced matches?

I often see the stats and all my teammates finish with a K / D of 0.5 while all the opponents with 1.5 or 2.0. Then I look at the ranks, and I see that those are unbalanced too, for example one onyx, one diamond and two platinum versus one diamond and three platinum.

Wouldn’t it be the case to abolish the hidden MMR and rely only on the official ranks? or improve the current system … because that is not nice, it is just frustrating. Teams should almost always be balanced, but they almost never are.


Because like all matchmaking games, it’s relying on an AI to pick teams with a very limited assortment of data as it’s reasoning as to who should be paired up and play together.

Something I’ve always felt was a flaw in the matchmaking set up.

There’s no way in hell this is going to be decent, at least at first. Maybe when everyone has thousands of matches under their belts so it has enough data perhaps.

It can work better.
Overwatch had the same problem and they fixed it.
It seems more that their rank system+mmr is broken.

I don’t think this is the problem, because if it were as you say, it would happen randomly.

Instead it happens that, after a series of victories, he makes you play a series of games with teammates who are poorer than the opponents. As if he wants to take you back. When you get off, it puts you back in balanced matches, and so on, up and down. I don’t know if it’s intentional or if it’s the broken system, it sure doesn’t have to do with the few stats.


It can probably be better, but it will never be ideal.

Halo Tracker has you down as a W/L of 50% and a K/D of 1.

That suggests match making is doing something right.

And some games it will be the other way around.

And you can have bad K/D and still be very good with the objective.

Remember that some people’s CSR will underestimate their MMR. Their curves are still wide. You need to check how many games they have played this season and see if their MMR and CSR have reconciled.

And squads. There is a weighting.

And form?

That’s probably the joy of squads. People are quite demanding of the ability to play with friends. Personally I don’t think they should. There should be a strict range of squads in Ranked.

And lots of squads are just trying to upset the MM and grind CSR. It’s a concern.

Your MMR is the official “rank”. Your CSR is just a representation of it. For the most part they are the same.

The teams are balanced.

At least on paper. The problem with a lot of the squads you mention are they are using Smurfs. That’s not the system’s fault.

And they may have actually addressed it. The last couple of loaded squads I’ve come up against actually lost! Even the one with 2x Onyx and a BRONZE 5.

The beauty of a system like TS2 is that it’s always looking out for when the balance tips one way or the other. There’s a lag until the system has enough info to work with… but it will get there in the end.

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REF: Custom Games:

I would hope since we don’t have “Auto Team Balancing” like other games it would be nice to have the Halo server’s at least Balance the teams at the start of the game. It really sucks when you start a game when it’s 8 to 3 at the beginning of a game! :-1: Or at least give the user the option in the game mode settings to have a
setting ( Switch ) to turn it on or off Team Balancing at the beginning of a game. Let the user decide this! :+1:

It ain’t rocket science people! :rofl:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

343 seems to be promoting the use of smurf accounts with this game. Being Free-To-Play makes it super easy and the pros openly tweet about their smurf accounts.

I guess if we’re not using smurf accounts, we’re doing it wrong?

thank you for the detailed answers. Anyway, I don’t understand why after a series of victories he puts me in a team of 3 poor teammates to make me lose as many and bring me back to where I was … I would prefer a system where the teams are more often balanced. A game where one team has k / d of 2.0 and the other team 0.5 is not a good game to play.

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It is isn’t deliberate.

The system just tries to make a 50:50 match each game.

You should be getting as many good team-mates as bad ones. And the same for your opponents. That bit should come out in the wash.

As for “coming back to where you where”… this is because your CSR can drift up on the back of a few wins vs lower ranked teams (small CSR gains but zero MMR movement) - and then your MMR drags it back on the next loss.

It’s frustrating. But all your CSR is doing is oscillating around your MMR.

If you want to raise your MMR you need to take your opportunity when that higher ranked opponent rolls around.

And I think it was Josh Menke who said that players can vary day to day by up to plus or more 150 MMR points - just on simple form fluctuations. So it’s seems a bit silly when we find ourselves getting upset with losing 15 points in any match.

There will always be that outlier. When the game looked good on paper but one of the teams didn’t gel on the tarmac. Especially early in the season or in a brand new playlist.

Hopefully they start to settle down for you.

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But problem are also caused by stacked teams that try to grind for Onyx.
Im checking the rank of all player after each ranked match. Lately i have seen a lot team combinations that had 1 Diamond, 1 Silver and Platinum player.
Worst combination was 1 Onyx, 1 Silver and 2 playing their 10 ranking matches. But these 2 unranked player were not newbie. They know very well how to play.
Thing is, when i lose the match against such a team, either i lose a good amount of points on my ranking bar or i lose next to nothing.
I know, its a “legit” team, they do not violate any rules. But it seems that the rank calculation after the match cant handle it very well.
Dont know, maybe a solution would be that when a ranked team is mixed with Diamond / Onyx and Silver player, then there is no gain or loss for both teams at the end of the match.
This way, they would stop building a team with such a gap in the ranks.

I’ve literally said this day one the match making just doesn’t work when it comes to team balancing. It’s just unbelievable that games can be so mis-matched all the time. Makes no sense and is why I’ve quit so many games.

Yep. This is a big problem. Getting bigger.

I had an Onyx running around with their Bronze 5 “friend”.

The teams should still need matched “on paper”. So you won’t lose a lot, if any, MMR. You may lose a bit more CSR if that has drifted above your MMR.

Up until the point they have Smurfs.

First up I would abandon the CSR number. All it does is encourage grinding.

Otherwise I would put a limit on me accounts going into ranked squads. 50 games or more. Won’t stop solo smurfs - but will put a big barrier up for squad smurfs.

Or a limit on squads going into ranked. You can only do it of you have played 50 games or more together. Shouldn’t be a problem if you really are friends.

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I must be lucky.

The majority of my games are pretty evenly balanced.

The ones I’m having tricky with are usually with Smurfs and/or sandbagging squads.

Good ideas. I think it could work when ranked had some check mechanism for stacked teams like:

  • each player with a rank must have been played at least 50 ranked matches
  • The gap of the lowest to the highest rank should be between 1.5 Rank. Example: for a stacked Team lowest rank mid Platin - highest Rank Diamond 6

Solo ranked player can still be matched with no restriction.
Social playlist allow all combination of stacked teams

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A while ago I played a match where the 8 players had similar CSR but, at the skill level, there was a huge gap. In my team the K / Ds were: 0.8; 0.5; 0.3; 0.3.

This shouldn’t happen, a rankyng system is to prevent situations like this, otherwise it’s like not having it. In addition, it took away a lot of points, as if they were the poorest on paper. It is useless to try to defend a system that is patently broken.