Team Balance Issues

First wanted to say that despite problems this game has this is my favorite Halo since Halo 2 so kudos to 343. With that said however I am not sure what matchmaking algorithm was changed recently but it has made this game incredibly frustrating to play. The team imbalance issues are so insanely bad it is deplorable. I am a mediocre player at best (Gold 4 at the beginning of day and down to Gold 2 now) so constantly getting put into matches with Onyx and Diamond people who are head and shoulders better than myself makes it feel like all I am doing is stat padding for them. Played 10+ matches of Team Arena tonight and never even came close to winning a single one. I fully admit that all these players are much better than myself and don’t need the game to constantly put me into games to prove it.

Most of my enjoyment comes from playing this game with friends and have been playing pretty much nightly since it came out. For the past couple weeks the matchmaking was fine (more or less were winning 50% of the games and at least felt like I had a fighting chance in a 1v1 situation most of the time). BUT whatever you guys did behind the scenes recently has really messed this up. Normally there are 3 of us playing. 2 of us are ok-ish but one is exceptionally good. What I think is happening now is that your matchmaking algorithms are either averaging our team score out (most likely KDA is used since even the good one of us is only a Platinum level but has like a 9.0 KDA while the other 2 of us are Gold and Silver with -1.0 and 0.0 KDAs) or just straight putting us into matches that are at the level of the good player. What this means is 100% of our matches are WAAAAYYYY beyond the skill level for 2/3 of our party.

I bought this game for multiplayer to play with friends but if you keep penalizing me from doing so I don’t see the point in playing this game. Just so it is clear though I can solo queue for matches just fine. In that scenario I always get teams around my same skill level so it is just when playing as a group that is messed up.

And I figure since I have taken the time out to address this issue, I should state a couple more glaring problems I have (and cant imagine others would too)

  • Get rid of Breakout in Team Arena rotation. Game mode is terrible and there is a dedicated mode if (for some crazy reason) you want to play that. - Put in a dedicated Strongholds and CTF game mode. Halo’s strength is in these alternate game modes since the TTK allows for better teamwork/objective based games. I am absolutely sick of playing Slayer (Team Deathmatch) yet it comes up at probably 50% of Team Arenas.