Team Assist to 152?

This is probably a long shot and I didn’t see any posts about this in the immediate list, but is there any chance there are teams (groups of people) helping out other players to get to 152? I’m at 139 at the moment and would like to jump in with a group of people who are also working towards the same goal. A lot of my friends have jumped to other games and it would be cool if I can play with others on here.
Thanks in advance!

Im grinding rank, and another guy in my company is grinding rank and real close to 152, Im half way through 147.

Your best bet is to send fireteam invites to players. Get a group going every time you play. You can also check the list of clans for the ones most active. Request to join.

I recommend you have fun instead of grinding, play the gamemodes that you like and will be easier to you.

I am a player at level 149 almost 150, if you want to play with me I spend it in the warzone, warzone firefight and infection Gm: MINIMI116

I’m game for a few hours, need mics though. I’ll be in FF.