Team arena

What’s with team arena having a higher percentage of “slayer” wheres all the ctf and strongholds?! I didn’t realise I chose team slayer…

That’s a big reason why I stopped playing awhile ago. I like objective based game and I believe if you want to play slayer, go play slayer. Team arena should only include objective based games. On that note, please bring back oddball!!! :slight_smile:

It should be about 20% slayer, 15% oddball, 40% CTF and 25% strongholds imo. But hey I can’t find amatch in that playlist so hey ho :joy:

I find team arena to have a nice mix of slayer / CTF / strongholds. My bigger beef is the map variety. I feel like certain days it’s the same map over and over. Yet the next day, it’s the same, different map, over and over. Instead of being about the same amount of each map, each day. lol

I guess overall it balances out, but just seems weird.

Right now with the testing there is a nice variety going on. I get a lot more objective than Slayer, but there are times when I get a lot of Slayer. It doesn’t happen too often though, or maybe I just don’t notice it. I don’t really care what I play as long as itwTeam Arena or HCS I’m good.

Ya, when I use to play it that is all I would get! It’s was super annoying!

I play a lot of slayer, really annoying when I fancy a change and head into team arena and keep getting put into slayer games.

Welcome to halo 5. I have no idea why slayer is in the pool anyways makes no sense to me

I would say 80% of my matches are slayer too , variety of game types and map variety are not rotating properly. I would like to see the veto option back. I know this system can be abused but it would definitely improve h5 map /game type variety . (Hopefully back in for h6 )

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> Welcome to halo 5. I have no idea why slayer is in the pool anyways makes no sense to me

I completely agree, if you want to play slayer go into slayer. Team arena should be a good variant of objectives and maps. Also gives the newer players a go to top the boards

I was on last night and got mostly slayer again, though I had a decent run of objectives for the past couple weeks so they’re trying :joy:

Team arena should be team objective and have assault and oddball added they have his now for the competition and slayer for slayer make arena about objectives and fun

I’ve hated that about TA from the beginning. There’s a Slayer only playlist full of maps, why do I need it in TA to confuse people as to what they’re playing ? Some folks got enough problems figuring out objective based maps, without them mistaking it for slayer, a problem in TA as it already is.

i never thought slayer should have been added to team arena. it makes the slayer game type over played for the people who want to play objective game types

I don’t know why this is such a big deal, and in every case when I have seen them add a Team Objective playlist, since Reach, it was one of the lowest populated playlists.

I am fine with Slayer in the TA playlist, and I don’t get it that often. The key is not to back out of the lobby, otherwise “map selection” or whatever you call it, just resets.

They should get rid of slayer in team arena because it already has it’s own playlist and It can be replaced with oddball because it’s really popular