Team A.I.

could someone supply me with a contact email for the person who passed the Team A.I. in Guardians as fit for purpose. I would like to write and thank them for the wonderful work they have done, in ruining what could have been, a great game. Having played through on Heroic and then Normal difficulties, I thought the A.I. was just poor. It is not until you play on Legendary that it becomes apparent just how appalling things are. The Team follow you around like little baby ducks, getting in the way, getting killed, getting me killed. A lot! You can’t park them anywhere, while you go deal with some stroppy Covvy as they immediately follow. If you ask for an assist, they run into the line of fire and all get slaughtered. Really!? Who ever is responsible for this -Yoink- needs to be demoted to tea serf. In all my years of gaming, I have never come across any game where it is so obvious that nobody really gave a -Yoink-. This, coupled with the crap upgrade Xbox have just forced on me, I’m done.


When you do co op can you do it with randoms?

While I agree the AI is about the equivalent of handing a Assault Rifle to a sack of potatoes and telling it to go to war… I cant say if I am too surprised by it. In past Halo games the AI have never been the brightest bulbs in the box in fact I would always insist on driving and making any AI shoot because of the numerous times AI would go over a cliff for no reason other than their need to make my life miserable. Also (now that I am over half way through the campaign on legendary) I have come to expect the AI characters are more of a random chance of not having to checkpoint. In the old halo games if you died it was instantly back to checkpoint so honestly I tend to view it as you are waiting for a chance to not have to.

That being said however… They need to give an option for easy way out or something by holding Y or some other method. Several times I had walked up on a slanted surface got downed and the AI just stood there and looked at me like as if they were saying “I don’t know man… that slant looks kinda steep what if we fall?” and never even attempt to walk the 4 feet up a 40 degree slant to help me. The AI can definitely use some improvements, however their high level of stupidity in my option is on par with the normal Halo AI.