Teach me to Strategize!

A buddy and I keep getting destroyed in Halo Wars! I can build fast, but apparently my strategy is off. It seem every single solitary person I play against will only build one type of unit. Not much strategy if you ask me, but hey, someone come in here and give me some tips! I got a long road to general, and it would help if I knew what I were doing lol.

you playing standard or deathmatch? because they have completely different strategies.

Standard, wasn’t really trying to venture into multiple gametypes without being able to at least grasp one first.

Lets see … Do you want rush strats or defensive dragged out strats? …

More of the in between, such as the wave after wave type of thing. The rush strats are pretty self-explanatory, and the dragged out ones aren’t as much of a problem for me. It’s just the people who come at me with wave after wave, but when I try, I seem to get everything I send at them blown up quickly.

Anyone? I know there’s plenty of Halo Wars players on here!

The best way to get good at this game is to watch videos of top players playing. I already posted this in another thread, but here it is again:


Once you grasp the general concept of high level play instead of the “rushing is bad” philosophy, I can give you further tips. :slight_smile:

above post has great links