TDAT Recruitment

Hello everyone, my name is Dustin other wise known as the TDAT Xbox Section Major TDAT Demon. Currently, TDAT has opened a Halo 5 Division(Under my orders). This new branch is being led by TDAT Python. His laptop is currently not working so i have stepped in to assist. If you need to contact him please do so via xbox. Please note we are a Military governed clan with ranks. Although there are certain requirements, they are not major requirements until you wish to become an officer. The requirements to join TDAT will be listed down below. If you have any questions please ask me personally via kik (TDAT.Demon). Please note i have other divisions open if your interested in another game. Anyhow i guess i should wrap it up here. Thank you for reading this post. If you dont want to join but want to have fun, please you may join our custom games at any point, although our rules will apply to you at that point.

-----Join Requirements-----

  • Must be old enough to understand and follow orders - Must have tolerance to frustration and other emotions - Must have and be active on Kik(a text app which is the way TDAT communicates) - Must follow orders - Respect all members at all times - Must try to avoid racism at all costs - No Sexism in any way, shape, or form - No discrimination towards -Yoink!-, -Yoink!-, Bi-Sexuals, or Transgenders - During events be respectful and cooperative - Must have patience(We need time to set everything up, it is not as easy as you think it is)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------