TCE Wants You!

Hello everybody. Our Spartan Company, The Crystal Empire, is a casual company that is more about comradery than competition. If you’re looking for a group of friends to play some Halo 5 with, you’re in the right place. There are no requirements to joining; all are welcome.

We are a very new clan (we need 4 members to become active), so there is room for growth / establishing yourself as a leader.

A few quick-fire facts if you’re considering joining our Company.

Preferred Game-types: Any
Competitiveness Level: Casual (However, that doesn’t mean we don’t do any competition)
Most active: Whenever we’re online, more on weekends
Requirements: None (no gamertag changes, no clan tag changes, no color changes, etc.)

Send me an Inv, Khaliffa

I’ll join if you beat me at a 1v1