TBR Clan Recruitment

WELCOME To The TBR Recruitment Page
Age: 16+
Good behavior
Great at team work as well as communication
Easily able to get along well with others.
Name change
Active at least 3-5 times a week
Service Tag: Z(Your rank)

We at TBR are looking for fun time for now, Serious/experienced Players. We want a Nice well balanced clan where everyone gets a shot. gets recognized and finally some respect. We are a team based Clan we dont leave anyone behind we learn to work together You die from a camper we’ll be right there to kill him and give him the good ol’ T bag for you. Lol but to get serious we want new recruits now and one day we’ll make it to the MLG league

Clan activities:
Weekly meetings
Friendly/competitive Tourneys against each other (Win a squad leader rank, A higher Rank, or even Microsoft points etc.) the Points will be provided by me
Saturday Clan Fights(Training) this is where we Put all of our hard work into to become a better clan a better team(or squad), and most importantly communication skills
As soon as we have enough Squads we’ll have weekly or Daily Squad wars
Achievement Hunting.

I hope at least some of you are interested I promise it’ll be a fun experience if not THANK YOU FOR READING Anyways

Contact Info: tbrcontacts@gmail.com.
Other games we cover
-Halo: reach
-Call of Duty: MW3 and Black Ops 2
Coming soon
Dead Space 3 and Aliens: Colonial marines

Just ask if you got any questions.