TBO ( The Black Order Clan Recruitment )

I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. This will be as detail as I can place it down. I am the leader and founder of The Black Order. This started off as a halo Clan within the SUR. Special Units of Requiem There was a major fallout and I as co leader with SUR Deadly. an " MGL Pro" HE self portrays him self as had a disagreement. Me and him had two different views I valued my members and never treated them as cattle as he was differ and saw everyone as an expendable source and easily replaceable .

Here at the TBO we see each member to have high potential to grow and achieve better gaming skills weather it just be apart of our Raiders/Community ( They partake in Social games relaxing and just having a large group of people to play with on a daily but also have a bit of seriousness During the Raid times. This may possibly be the biggest branch within the time allowance of growth They will receive training from the competitive branch upon request if they want to run skims or just up there games or warm up . This also allows a change to shine and maybe get into the competitive branch if your taste changes . )

Also for the ones who do wish to take it more serious make a name for them and the team they are in this is the Competitive branch . We have two amazingly good players seeking out members to join with them currently right now this is hand picked but during the time of Boot camp during the Initial Joining you can request to join within the Competitive branch if they like what you go going on Consider your self in. This is a GB/AGL/UMG Branch. Is underlay’s SERIOUS and DEDICATED Players only.

We have also going along is the Assassins/Guard Branch . This is also for serious and Dedicated members. This is a higher up position and will not be easily granted over time this position may open up to you. As for what else they do that is for in clan digression. Sorry for the lack of Intel for them but that’s for the cause.

Forgers Branch - The name says it all . Forgers is where it is they are the ones who merely make out maps bases raid maps and anything else they feel . its entirely up to them we do have Best forger of Month every 6 months or so . Depends on fiancés . But over all this involves Microsoft points . ( Please be a serious forger . Inexperienced forgers willing to learn will be placed with our experienced ones for training. ( Think of it as a double benefit )

Now that a bit of the details are displayed … ^ABOVE^ Hopefully some or most of it catches your interest.

( No Requirements to change names )
( No Clan Tag Changes )
( Uniform is a Must )
( Each Branch has a uniform )
( Dedicated ranking system )
( NO Bs No Drama / Equal Opportunity )
( Advancements in clan )
( Multi Games Branch offs )
( Minitages and Montages )
( Website up 24/7 Dedication time Secure and Accessed only by members )

If your interested in joining up Please PM me Respond with a GT and or Contact me directly online

Co Leader - SUR Lordez ( He left SUR with me )
Second in Command - AceCombat FA22

Competitive branch - Sarge RedVsBlue

  • YoungGoHard22