"Tartarus, Stop." "Impossible.."

Hey all, Gamma here with a fun little discussion thread.


The above quote, with the above soundtrack link, was perhaps one of the greatest moments in the original trilogy’s great odyssey of a story. The betrayal, the stubborn allegiance to all that you were raised to believe in the Covenant…

It was the last two levels playing as the Arbiter that I truly began to appreciate the Covenant’s side of the story. It also served as a pinnacle revelation of why I loved the Halo series and its campaign so much.

So, let me introduce the topic at hand: Campaign. What is it that made the previous trilogy’s campaign so great, awe-inspiring, or emotionally capturing for you?

What would you like to see 343i address in the new trilogy that could have as much, if not more, emotional bearing on you?

A personal thought for me, would be following up on the events that will happen in the Thursday War, and the return of the Arbiter amidst a potential Sangheili War in Halo 5. I want to get back to the turmoils of a shattered belief system, a weakened empire, and differing beliefs.

I want to see humans more directly involved in that internal strife as well.

I want the mysterious and ancient feel of the Forerunner to be brought back. I want to feel like a small part of a much bigger story. I want the sense of space and time and wonder. I want to discover the truth behind the Forerunner, Precursor and the Flood. Since it’s called the Reclaimer Trilogy I think I’m in luck :D.

As for the Covenant, I really wouldn’t have minded if they weren’t brought back.

I want the Flood back. It’s been 5 years (if you don’t count Halo Wars) without them, I miss them.

I believe they’re in Halo 5, and I’m praying they’re in as a player model in Infection in Halo 4.