Tartarus' Gavel - Mythic Weapon Showcase


This here is the Mythic Gravity Hammer, Tartarus’ Gavel. When you hold it you’re able to jump higher, run faster, and your shield strength is greatly improved. When you swing it it releases a kinetic explosion that destroys any Spartan or vehicle that dares to face you. It’s best to use this in close quarters because if you’re out in the open you might be mowed down by BRs.

That’s almost not fair lol! I can’t believe how fast it damaged that core, ha ha!

I’m saving these beasts up for the next warzone turbo so I can stack boosts. I am literally drooling thinking about the mayhem…

makes prophets bane look like -Yoink- lol

“Tartarus’ Gavel” - The only one stronger is swung by a judge.

Damn, too bad I’ll probably never get one

IMO this > prophets bane