Targeting broader audience? Give the players the tools to do so

Remember when the community didn’t like perks and loadouts in Halo 4? Then, 343 added Legendary slayer going back a step to the roots of halo and vastly improving player base.

My idea is this: Being able to adjust core features in a custom game type would allow players to play Halo Infinite the way they want to play it. Improving server browser from MCC and bringing it to Infinite, allowing players to change traits like sprint, slide, clamber, crouch, equipment settings, removal of outline, shield charge rate, etc, would let all players be able to create servers with the halo they want to play. I hope some of the updates coming in the future have this in mind.

Personally, I’d like a game type that’s more classic halo focused removing sprint and clamber similarly to how they removed armor abilities and perks in H4 Legendary slayer. It’ll simplify the gameplay. If you’d rather play a more modern halo, they’ll be game types targeting those players too. Everyone will be happier. Fortnite just made a huge update allowing the game to be more accessible to players who dislike building while keeping the main fanbase happy with build mode still present in other game modes.

The MCC server browser is awesome and I think it’s possible for Halo Infinite to have a browser that is as diverse as Counter Strike. This will truly make it a 10 year game.

Imagine being able to make small tweaks to Infinite to design Halo exactly how you like. or even to make some kind of training mode where you all start off with a BR in an Octagon facing each other. I’m sure there will be creators that make a game type that will end up being extremely popular.
Don’t worry about trying to make a game mode everyone will like. Let us make it for you.

Excited for Forge


I think custom games and a more creative mode is needed to expand the YouTube/Twitch interest and playerbase.

To get more gamers to play they need more fun or accessible modes for people to play. Halo is one of my favourite multiplayers but I can see why it doesn’t have huge amounts of mass appeal.

Wow, its like 343 didn’t think of this at all… /s

You REALLY believe they didn’t think of this, lmao.;


very unnecessary reply dude. People like you are why the Halo community is considered toxic. I made additional points to what I said but those clearly went completely over your head

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