Target Designator not working in Reach Customs

Hey everyone! This is my first post.

I’m having an issue – well, really two issues – with the Target Designator in Reach Customs. I already have a Support ticket, but after seeing that no-one has posted anything about this, I thought I should do a post as well.

I created a custom map and gametype in Reach multiplayer. As part of my creation, there’s a Target Designator that’s supposed to first spawn three minutes into the match, and then respawn every three minutes. That part is working fine. However, it’s also supposed to always spawn with only one shot. Yet, no matter which option I choose for Spare Clips, the first Designator spawns with three shots, and subsequent Designators do not work: The HUD and audio effects happen (“Fire for effect”, etc.), but no artillery shells are ever unleashed.

This is on Forge World. It’s been happening for probably at least six weeks, before and after the Season 7 update.

I love that 343 added the Designator to Forge, but it’s not working on my game.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Would anyone else be willing to try it on their game to see if it’s just my machine doing something goofy?

Thanks! :slight_smile: