tanks. 18 point turns just cause the game says so.

i just played a game on stormbreak, wzff, i drove to and went down a ramp ok, shot a round and tried to keep on driving through. now the game decides that i cant keep driving because my front is now my butt. 18 point turn later i missed a lot of the action! is this normal tank behavior?

Depends on which direction your cannon was pointing (in this situation, after you took the shot). If you are unfamiliar with scorpion movement you can mess around in forge

I had to laugh at this, because this happens to me every so often…and I did it again yesterday. I found it’s easy to get the scorpion’s orientation all messed up. I guess I probably get too caught up where I’m aiming and don’t pay attention to where I’m driving.

when this happens though, I just stop - reorient the tank with the turret so that everything is straight again (regardless of where I’m pointing) - and then start moving again from there.

There’s definitely a learning curve to steering these behemoths. You have to steer with the turret, if that makes sense.

It would be nice to drive with one stick and aim with the other like in world of tanks

Halo 2 tank handling was absolute best. I’ve had H5 scorpion tanks do random completel 90 degree turns just because i slightly changed the angle of my aim.

There is a glitch with tanks that contstantly inverts movement back and fourth.

It’s pretty hilarious when you see an enemy tank do this, the gun is looking at you and the body behaves like it got possessed and spazzes out. You just have to be careful of where your gun is pointing when moving and you’ll know the limit.

I do that all the time! The worst is when someone thinks it’s a good idea to hop in turret not realising that they may not always be facing in the direction of the action!!

I hate the tank controls.

HOLY -Yoinking!- HELL. I was turning my tank and its turret at the same time, i stopped turning the body and kept moving the turret, magically the body kepting rotating almost another 90 degrees without me touch the toggle at all…what a -Yoinking!- joke

Ya I hate it when that happens. All ya need to do is realign and start going again.

I drive backwards. My pet peeve though, is that sometimes it tends to get stuck when it spazzes out & you’re driving. THEN you get boarded.

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> It would be nice to drive with one stick and aim with the other like in world of tanks

That idea sounds…