Tank and vehicle spawn in BTB still is awful

I love losing a CTF match because the game gave the enemy team a tank and us nothing, so we were spawned trapped

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BTB in general is awful. 343 hates vehicles. And they seem to have designed the vehicle spawn system to make everyone else hate vehicles too.

This team gets a tank, that team gets a gungoose… Working as intended.

343 claims that they will fix the uneven spawns of vehicles and weapons in Season 2. But I have my doubts. They also claimed they were going to increase the spawns of heavy vehicles in BTB over a month ago and that lasted for about a week before it went back to spawning one team a tank with 1 minute left, basically handing them the win.


The Wasp is the worst. Whoever decided to make it a flying tank that can ignore small arms fire you made a big mistake right there.

Especially since the missile launcher has no lock on so that leaves just the hydra as a viable counter.

Also there a glitch where your grapple shot gets broken if a guy gets out of a vehicle and then hops back in. This happened three times in a row until I ran out of charge. Not to mention most people don’t have grapples and a pilot can simply fly higher and faster than a Spartan grapple shot.


The wasp is only powerful because people think they can’t shoot it. If a few people shoot it at the same time with ARs, it dies in seconds.

Not to mention, sniper rifles are over-powered against vehicles in Halo Infinite, to the point where most games it isn’t even worth getting in a vehicle if there is a sniper rifle on the map.

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BTB remains my favorite game mode but there definitely needs to be some fixing with the vehicle and weapon spawns. Had a CTF game one time on Deadlock where the other team scored and the game gave them a tank. A guy proceeded to use it to guard their flag and get 30+ kills.

Finally we destroyed the tank.

And not ten seconds later they get a Pelican drop with another Scorpion.

Fortunately this became an instance of both teams dogpiling on the Scorpion Tank and destroying it before anyone could use it.

We didn’t get any tanks btw so would be really nice of the supposed vehicle spawn fix comes through.

I’ve seen the thing fly into bases where everyone is shooting it. Barely seems to impact it compared to a Warthog. Something like a Hydra can but it just doesn’t seem to do the damage.

I seriously miss the Halo 3 BTB, there was nothing wrong with that formula so idk how we ended up with this mode that feels like an oversized Team Slayer - it would be fine as a seperate mode but not as a core BTB experience. Also the BTB maps clearly weren’t created with vehicle battles in mind, at least I can’t properly picture a game with 1 tank and 1 banshee of both sides because the maps would just feel too tight for that.

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