Tanerai Event is good, but not great

So the event battlepass is great, granted it’s no where as good as it could get. And what I mean by that is simple, the progression system is…iffy. See it relies on event challenges, which idk why you keep this reoccurring trend, but okay I guess. Anyways, the issue is, when…well there aren’t any challenges for the event in my log lmao. How am I suppose to actually make progress when there are no challenges? You would have assumed you’d have the reoccurring “Play 2 or 4 Fiesta matches” to keep progression going.

Instead I got…4 levels in the pass, stonewalling me from getting the two I need for that armor core. as well as just stone walling me in general, from progressing. And you expect us to do 30 whole levels in a week like this?? Get real, this is absurd, please do better I am begging you.

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I dont think your even able to do all 30 in a week. I think there objective like most things is to make it take multiply weeks to finish it. Since only challenges progress it. But the play 2 or 4 match would definitely help and keep some playing it longer.

There is more variety in the store than in the event battle pass lol

I would’ve hoped with this event dropping they’d add more playlists like Oddball & Slayer to help with challenges but I guess not. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Maybe on the next one lol :laughing: