TAN Nation

Ladies and gentlemen of the halo (specifically reach) community. You may not no me, I am lII FireFly IIl Commander of the Halo TAN nation. Though currently I don’t have a website, my influence is known throughout halo reach. I have come to pass my proposition onto all those still loyal to the once and still very popular halo reach. I have noticed many of the “Big” clan has moved to halo 4 which is perfectally fine, although I have chosen to take liberty in starting my very own halo reach “Crusade” For for my TAN Nation. What is it exactly? Well let me tell you. I figured the main super clans of reach probably moved onto halo 4, So I concocked my own plan to convert the remaing majority of those who arn’t in a clan or wan’t a powerful ally to come “Join” My cause to eventually In the few months ahead. To become the most powerful Halo reach clan. Those amougst the men and women who obey in my ranks rise in power. those who stand against me will burn in the fires of our destruction. No I am not some 12 old year trying to act cool/funny I am starting a halo reach revolution to dominaate those who reject the cause. Make the right decisions and enlist in my Nation, And take part in one of the largest movments halo reach has ever known! Join today.

One recruitment thread per clan please. You can find your original recruitment thread here: