Talking with other people?

Is there a way to talk to all in a game? Enter only seems to work for team. I find it very frustrating as I would like to be able to speak to people to team up with them. A Global chat would be nice as well.

Also I am very confused about people dropping out of games all the time. I’ve not dropped a single time, are they leaving or is this a server issue?

Not sure about the chat but I have been disconnected through no fault of my own and I know a lot of others have had issues your lucky I guess

Damn, that is a shame. I am kind of glad its technical though rather than people trolling I suppose. I’ve really not dropped a single time so no idea why that might be :confused:

Lucky, i have been / had my team disconnect about 7 of my 16 games!
Glad i went for that early release version now…