Talking about Anniversary confusion... [Maps]

I’m still confused guys, help me out?

So will the map pack ship on another disc?
If so, can it be saved to the xbox?
If not, is it coming with all of the Reach maps and DLC?
If it isn’t, does that basically mean we have to swap discs whenever we feel like playing one of those maps?

Or does anniversary come with a download code?


Here is how it works.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be ONE disk. It will have a campaign section, the default landing section. There will also be a multiplayer section, with only the Anniversary MP maps. As far I know, the multiplayer section will have everything on Reach disk, barring campaign. So, MM, Customs, Firefight, Forge, and theater. Once you have played the game, you will get a voucher to download the Anniversary MP maps to the Halo: Reach disk. (Or a code will be in the case.)

I see.
Thanks, that does seem a bit of a hassle for offline gamers though (won’t affect me).