new forum is a fairly new Halo community, today is actually it’s one month anniversary. We currently have 114 members but are growing daily. Our community is full of mature gamers ranging from pros to guys just playing for fun. We don’t care for your skill level we’re just looking for other mature gamers that won’t bring negativity to other Halo message board.

We also host cool events and Tournaments. Our fist Tournament is an FFA tomorrow with 32 players in it and then the 2nd of February we are having an MLG 2v2. We are also having a montage competition going on with a prize of 800 Microsoft points for the winning montage.

We need extras for our FFA Tomorrow

The FFA yesterday was a success. Our 2v2 and montage competition are still open for sign ups.

We are looking for some potential sponsors for Tournaments if anyone is interested.