Tales of Requiem Looking for Actors and Staff

Hey guys, making a Machinima, and I need some body actors (Spartan bodies) and voice actors. It will be a 10 episode season and hopefully will be done before January 3rd. Episode 1 is already in the works and just needs one more voice over for it to be posted. When the episodes are done, I will post up the episodes here as an archive of finished Episodes.

The Machinima basically takes place on Requiem, where a bunch of Rogue Spartans have pushed back the local militia, and Fireteam Ocelot (Commander Rhode’s Squad)have been assigned to, push back and eliminate the rebels. Fireteam Ocelot is a group of Veterans and Recruits, there are about 60 Spartans fighting for the “Cause”.
Our main protagonist, Kelly Chames get’s wrapped up in this whole mess after escaping a strange realm notely (Halo Reach Minis) where everything is all messed up. She wakes up onboard a ship and wonders until she finds a teleporter that brings her to her first meeting with Fireteam Ocelot’s Commanding Officer Lucas Rhodes.

Episode 1 Completed:

Episode 2 Completed:

Episode 3 Completed

Episode 4 Completed
Episode 4 The Attack

Voice Actors:
Riot Rojas :: Voices - Commander Rhodes
ShirayukixHime :: Voices - Spartan 470 (Team Ocelot)
Garrsam :: Voices - Spartan 710 (Team Ocelot)
PurniX:: Voices -David Parker (Team Ocelot)
SirBeatdown124:: Voices - Spartan 808 (Team Ocelot)
PROJECT DELTA13 :: Voices - Spartan 676 Ian Daniels (Team Ocelot)
Xecromus :: Voices - Spartan 797 Colonel Charlie Jones (Team Ocelot)
R4PSC4LLI0N :: Voices - Spartan 881 Bryan Yovik aka Da Bomb (Snow Base Guarian)

Body Actors:
MirageandJazz11 ::
Riot Rojas :: Lucas Rhodes
SpeedyandRose ::
Ms Kazehana :: Mark Runil
KSI Trickster :: Mark Runil (or extras)

The Staff:

TheExcisionist :: (Voice Actor/ body actor?)
Garrsam :: (Voice Actor/Sound Designer)
CherubiKnighT :: (Voice actor/Script overviewer?)
PurniX :: (Voice Actor/ Body Actor?)
PrimaOfficional :: (? ?)
Riot Rojas :: (Voice Actor/Body Actor)
ShirayukixHime :: (Voice Actor/Body Actor/Director/Writer/Editor/Camera Crew)
MirageandJazz11 :: (Voice/Body Actor)
Ms Kazehana :: (Voice/Body Actor)
SpeedyandRose :: (Body Actor)


Hey, so apparantely i have a squeeky voice, anyone i could fit?

Used to do my own machinima. I would love to try this out if you need someone. My gt is CherubiKnighT.

Im a little interested. GT: PrimaOfficional

I don’t want to be a debbie downer, but “Kelly Chambers” is taken. Remember the chick in Mass Effect 2 who told you there were new messages at your terminal? I mean, it shouldn’t hurt being a character from a totally different game-universe, but she’s all I can picture when Kelly Chambers name pops into my head. Goodluck in your machinimamama, though!

> Hey, so apparantely i have a squeeky voice, anyone i could fit?

I was looking for a child prodigy you’ll work!

i was wondering if there was a way i could fit i always wanted to do a machinima but i could never get an Xbox until now.

i am 15 just to let you know and i tend to like doing Italian accents i got an ok voice though if it is possible i would like to be a fourth or fifth main person like one of the younger ones (20 or something) who tries to be the tough guy of the group.

my gamer tag is mirageandjazz11.

this is one of my dreams can you help it become true please and thank you.

i can also change my armor if that is alright if needed.

Everyone can join! I have a community chanell. :slight_smile:

I will find a way to get every one of you in the season somehow.

thank you

What’s your community channel?


bro ill help anytime i love this kind of stuff

I am an actor and recording engineer. I do a lot of voice work. Hit me up.

Shira, can i voice Lucas?

I’m 16 with a sarcastic sounding voice. I’ve had plenty of machinima, YouTube, and video editing experience, I should make it relatively painless for you. I also have a mic with good recording quality.
My Skype is “Hunter.Thackham”
My gamertag is “Purnix”
Or my YouTube “HunterDEPICTS”

what is it about? could i be a body actor in the future please?

i only got my headset that came with the game so you would have to be playing a match with me or theater mode to get my voice and you would have to use a recording device to record my voice from your speakers and maybe then if needed edit it to make sure my voice sounds clear.

i meant to say in the first part what is the story about?

Make that body acting for character Lucas as well.