Talented assassination kills

I hate people who steal my kills they see me doing a assassination and they shoot him in the head so I can’t get the medal

Sorry I messed up the title and couldn’t edited again sorry

I can forgive them if they only had a bit of health left and they just couldn’t let go of the trigger fast enough. But if the enemy still, had shields I may shoot the guy once or twice.

i only get a little bummed if it was an obvious steal, but most the time im just" thanks turd" and keep playing

People are conditioned to shoot as soon as they see an enemy. It sucks but does not cause me to get upset.

I do hate them, and myself when I accidentally steal assassinations. Sometimes you don’t realize that they are getting assassinated and you pull the trigger a little too early.

I don’t do it intentionally, but my friends don’t try for assassinations around me for a reason Lol.