Taking out Team Snipers? Is 343 daft?

Are you kidding me 343?
-It’s doing better than Dominion
-It’s doing better than that pitiful excuse for a FFA playlist Regicide
-It’s doing better than the worst thing to ever happen to infection, Flood
-It’s doing better than that slap to MLG’s face, CTF
-It’s doing better than KoTH
-It’s doing better than Team Slayer Pro


Refer to the concept - Rotational Playlist

That CTF remark is stupid.

> Refer to the concept - Rotational Playlist
> That CTF remark is stupid.

A flag that you can’t drop? Yeah, that’s a slap to MLG’s face.

I have to agree with you completely, especially with the CTF and Flood remark.

  • CTF. Look what they have done to the most popular objective gametype ever. No Drop. Auto pickup. NAV point on head.
  • Spawn times. Instant or 5 sec. Add sprint and it becomes a random chaos.
  • 2v2 Hopper. They are making it a “happy hopper”, its going to be rotational.
  • 1v1. This has disappeared.
  • Ranking System. They are making it invisible. Only seen on Waypoint.

With all these glaring flaws, easy to predict and hated by many. Why would this decision surprise you? Many people bought Halo because they loved the first 3. They removed so many great things, and added lots of counter-productive features, and a handful of worthwhile ones.

I really like this game. But if these problems aren’t fixed I don’t think I will play very long.

Im a little mystified by 343’s desire to remove from rotation an extremely popular playlist. Not what I would I would suggest in order to satisfy customers.

Some apparently is the BIGGEST MORON EVER at 343… No spawn swaps during Team Snipers on Ragnarok? ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!! When the enemy is back behind the base we spawn at you STILL spawn us there! This is SOO STUPID!

Yes, they are incredibly daft. With no FFA slayer, snipers is the best playlist remainin

Sniper in this game is -Yoink-…no medals elimination,respawn istantanly stupid(because is a long range gametype mode)

Please fix this game,please!