Taking out community maps from team slayer would solve some problems

I used to play team slayer alot but armor lock and some dum game types like bro slayer, pro slayer, and elite slayer made me stope playing it. Now I like to play squad slayer and I love it becaues it has the standerd slayer and slayer DMRs with no armor lock. There are problems with the playlits though. First there are to many guest becaues three guest on one xbox cant play team slayer because of the lag on community maps so they go to squad slayer. In squad slayer there are lots of skill players because the lack of amor lock and dum game types so the guest get destroyed and if your team is all guests it is not fun. Second there arent that many maps and you cant put more commnity maps becaues the playlist alows three guests to join. So to solve this promblem 343 should take out community maps from team slayer so a team of guest can play it becaues team slayer to me is a social playlist and you put the community maps in squad slayer. So there wouldent be that many guests in squad slayer becaues of the community maps and they will get to play as three guest in team slayer with all of its social game types and armor lock. I have seen other post sayer they want community maps out of team slayer so they could play with there guests in it. So 343 by taking the maps out of team slayer and puting them in squad slayer you would solve a promblem the community has with playing with guests. Tell me if you agree.