Taking forge to the next level.

Now most of you would find this impossible without like a worldbuilder program or something, but creating terrain isnt that impossible. mountains, water, geography makeover, its possible, placing living trees, idents for rivers, a lake? caves? POSSIBLE

look at Far Cry 2 (atleast i think its Far Cry) they had a more than decent “worldbuilder”

allbeit this isnt far cry its halo, but at least put things in there that dont require and extra code for building

  1. Covanant Sniper Towers (CMON PEOPLE!)

  2. Pelicans (to not put them in forge and campaign is one thing, but to make it possible to drive one in campaign just make everyone more mad/sad at you for not putting it in the game!) - no offense haha

  3. Gravity Box- like a KotH except when you go in the hill its not a game mode, its a different gravity…for like closed in maps trying to be a broken ship or something.

  4. Movable ( or destructable :D) objects! foundry was amazing, sandbox had NO movable objects, all they had was like an antenna and a barricade! forgeworld was no exception either…it had crates and all but still.

  5. Dead marines/covanant - face it, have you ver made an epic battle map where you looked at a weapon laying on the ground and thought "wow this would look so epic if there was a dead marin leaning against a wall! let it be know i said DEAD! they dont have to moe around just as soon as you let go of the body it stiffens

Well thats about it, ive been posting several other posts around the forums, i never remember to put it all down at once haha.


I absolutely believe that terrain forging is possible, but I would expect it to be implemented in a way where hils, trees, rocks, entire cliffs, rivers, etc. are all palette objects. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be feasible without a polygon object editor, which I believe people would use a lot. (Look at how difficult it was to forge H3!)

all I want is fully forgable firefight maps… but those are good too…

I really don’t want a really hard terrain editor. I like the forge as it is only that all the objects could be removed like sandbox.

haha im only talking about like another forgeworld man, all those custom game maps are fine with the normal stuff but forgeworld? HECK YES!