Taking Back the Universe

This is a Halo/Starwars painting that I made for a contest on Bungie.net. This took about 11 hours to do in Photoshop with my Wacom tablet. I already had the Spartan painted from one of my portfolio digital paintings.

The image captures a spartan 2 stepping on a clone troopers Head, and UNSC ships engaging Imperial destroyers. Hence, “Taking back the Universe”.

Taking back the Universe


Joseph Biwald


Great work, from one artist to another. I love how subtle the mash up is!

Thanks man!

Great job! This is really cool.

> I love how subtle the mash up is!

I agree…Nice work

Cool :smiley:

very well done man. this just became my new desktop wallpaper!

Great stuff. Best suit I’ve ever seen.

DUDE awesome stuff LOVE it

Very nice work, how long did that take?