(Take Two) Which weapon would you Dual-Wield?

My previous forum post of “Which weapon would you Dual-Wield?” is getting some excellent attention, and I did not expect it to do so well. You guys are thinking up some awesome combinations, and I cannot thank you all enough for participating. But now, it’s time to crank things up a notch…

…because in Take Two of this forum post, you may now dual-wield anything, and I mean, ANYTHING in the Halo universe (game-wise or lore-wise). You don’t have to be limited to one-handed / shoulder-mounted weapons this time - it’s no-holds-barred folks. Sniper Rifles, Turrets, and other two-handed weapons are now up for grabs. Oh yeah. Of course, the REQ variants will be taken into consideration as last time. But now, you can also include the following in your deadly cocktail:

  • A piece of Equipment (Halo 3) - An Armor Mod (Halo Reach, Halo 4, or Halo 5) - A Power-Up (Speed Boost, Overshield, Active Camo, and Damage Boost)…and as for REQ energy - FORGET IT! GO AS CRAZY AS YOUR HEART AND MIND DESIRES.

Dual wield ONI scorpion cannons.

Double nornfang or double Spnkr Prime

Dual wield the -Yoink- out of Jorge’s Chaingun Turret.

You said anything :wink:MAC Cannon and Halo Ring ;)WIth Deployable Cover, Stealth Armor Mod, and Active Camo 3

Dual-wield dual-wield threads.

Don’t forget about including your Forge Weapon Combos either - after all, your imagination is the limit!

> 2535470946907660;5:
> You said anything :wink:
> MAC Cannon and Halo Ring ;)WIth Deployable Cover, Stealth Armor Mod, and Active Camo 3

A destroyer of worlds. Seems legit.

3 Scarab Guns, an infinite invincibility equipment from Halo 3, and the Halo Array in my back pocket.

Combine the weapons into one weapon if so I want a Jorge’s Chaingun combined with a Prophets bane or have a Joeges Chaingun combined with a Normfang.

dual typhons sounds good to me

Dual weild two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

Dual-Wield 2 Yip-Yaps… or Flip-Yap? Or was it Yap-Flip?

Halo 2 plasma pistol and DMR.

Imagine being in slayer and you’re the only one that can dual-wield anything. Hahaha!

Dual Wield Hannibal Scorpions!!

> 2533274939961451;13:
> Dual-Wield 2 Yip-Yaps… or Flip-Yap? Or was it Yap-Flip?

I think you mean Deacon Pipap.

> 2533274887841772;15:
> Dual Wield Hannibal Scorpions!!

No equipment, armor mod, or power-up to go with your package? C’mon, man!

Magnum and Plasma Pistol. Charged Plasma Pistol + Magnum head shot = Death. NOOB COMBO!!!

double the answer.

Dual wield Halo 4 Binary Rifles.