Take TU out of competitive

343i put TU in multi-team, objective, and squad slayer. Unless they put it in everything else i say take it out.

These core changes MUST happen:

-With these changes put all default AAs back into every gametype. (Sprint, Armor lock, Cloak, Jetpack.)
-Bring back firefight limited but this time title the playlist “Firefight”

Additional changes that 343i should seriously think about:

-Too many playlists, take out Squad Slayer, Firefight Doubles, and Team Snipers.
-Put the Anniversary playlist back below the Competitive and Cooperative playlist options like before.
-Add headhunter back in team objective.

Invasion changes:

-Take out all maps from invasion that is not Spire, Boneyard, Breakpoint, Hemorrhage, and Paradiso.
-Add Highlands, Breakneck, and Ridgeline.
-Take out all gametypes from invasion that is not Invasion and invasion slayer.

Focus your thoughts, you’re all over the place. If you’re just going to post a little bit about everything then there’s already 9 billion topics to go to.

Oh and @ title: no.