Take the sword out of Fiesta

I agree, Fiesta is just a bunch of people running around with the sword, it’s annoying. The sword is OP, they need to reduce the lunge distance.

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This isn’t super fiesta and other games didn’t have a grapple and your shield didn’t regen while sprinting like it does on here.

But it’s Fiesta??? Have you gone mad?
I can agree with removing variants from halo 5s Fiesta but removing a single power weapon???

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By taking the sword out, it’s no longer fiesta. If the sword gets taken out, what’s next? Take out the hammer and pistol?

When you are playing fiesta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4MJVmpQexU

Swords and gravity hammers shouldn’t be a common spawn for sure, it’s really common. You can counter them but, it pretty much turns into castle wars in some matches.


Well of course you don’t because it’s broken and you abuse it.

I suppose you have the same possibilities as other players in Fiesta. Fiesta. FIESTA!

The entire point of Fiesta is no equal starts.
The entire problem with Launchsite and Behemoth are vehicles ruining the gamplay experience.

I’d much rather NOT have Fiesta on those two maps, please and thank you.

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I disagree that the sword is broken. I also hardly ever start with it. Feels like it’s always a plasma pistol I get lol

Just because a weapon is good doesn’t mean it’s broken by the way

The only issue is that there’s no other weapon to counter back the sword or the hammer in close quarters I don’t know why they remove the original shotgun.

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Remove everything, problem solved. Melee only.

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Um yes it is super fiesta?

What difference does the equipment make? If that person can grapple you, that would mean you’re too close right?

Thus game would be better and more functional if it were just castlewars

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Vehicles can get shredded based off RNG and people having braincells ITS THE SPAWNS that completely -Yoink!-s every game mode but 1 flag which is garbage anyway.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve spawned around the corner from a dude with hammer or sword on sabre side or been lasered by 4 snipers when I spawn out in the open

It seems like the weapons have preselected loadouts, whenever I get one gun I’m guaranteed to have another one.

I keep getting exactly a pulse carbine and PP in that order.