Take the sword out of Fiesta

The only maps you can play Fiesta on that aren’t just people running around with the sword are Launch Site and Behemoth. No other Halo had this issue. The Hammer at least is more visible and takes time to swing. It’s even worse because everyone can easily get a grapple.


Should also not give you two ranged, close quarters, or mid range weapons… I got given a sword and shotgun to start on Behemoth :unamused:

I would much rather have a Spankr than a sword. 2 Free kills basically.

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Having the sword/grapple combo is a great way to get a killing spree or more, I love it and don’t want to see it removed, sorry


After All: We’re talking about Fiesta. A game mode which is all about being random and where you have nothing to lose.

Sometimes you have a Sword, sometimes you have a Plasma Pistol and a Sidekick…

Removing the Sword completely feels like an over-reaction. I don’t know whether or not every weapon has the same drop-rate, but if not, I would suggest simply lowering the chance of getting a Sword.


It’s Fiesta, it’s bound to happen so you just hope you get some better weapons next spawn. But taking the sword out of it would be the worst thing. I like using Fiesta simply as a testing ground for the weapons and maybe others do as well, so taking out the sword would that so called trial. Plus, Fiesta is supposed to be a fun party style game of chaos and nonsense yet people are taking it too seriously. It’s a fun game mode, have fun.


Have fun in a videogame? Are you mad? :rofl:


Rather swords be allowed than the rocket, swords have alot of counters from all kinds of weapons hell even gravity hammer and heatwave beat it.

Rockets though… AOE, 1hit and range… it’s the most annoying weapon to verse

The entire purpose of Fiesta is random weapons, equipment and vehicles. Sometimes that means you get two pieces of garbage, sometimes that means two overpowered weapons.

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Same here. And I’ve killed people who have the sword. Its not an unstoppable weapon. And if someone is on a spree with it, then stick with your team and don’t run around the map. Hang tight and make the sword come to you.

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Fiesta is about experiencing the entire sandbox, not cutting weapons out! If anything we need more weapons, new weapons and the variants. Fiesta highlights how small our current sandbox is.


TL;DR: I’m getting clapped in Fiesta, 343 plz remove the clapping device.

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its odd because honestly? the hammer and sniper rifle are more dangerous than the sword imo

Potentially, yeah. It’s all random anyway, supposed to be a playlist for goofing around. Sometimes you just get got.

Love getting grapple with anything.

It’s fantastic with sword.

But nah, it’s fiesta man. It’s goofy, unbalanced and purposefully built that way.

Fiesta is not for sweating.


The sword is overpowered and it is so common. Everytime I play Fiesta there is usually 3-4 people with a sword at once. The sword is heavily weighted and even if you are lucky enough to have a shotgun, your kill will not register and you will be killed by the sword no matter what. The sword takes no skill. It shouldn’t be removed from Fiesta, but it should be rare like the sniper.


The sword has been in super fiesta for years!

All weapons have the exact same chance to spawn, there is no weighting.

Play Fiesta enough and you’ll get scenarios like your entire team spawning with Skewers on match start, or getting a Rocket Launcher multiple times in a row on respawn.

The reason for seeing so many swords is not that they spawn so often but rather that people pick them up off defeated players, therefore keeping them in play longer unless they are depleted.

If anything a comment made by many reviewers might bear some additional thaught: does the sword have too many charges in Infinite? This question is not only relevant to Fiesta though.

Then it wouldn’t be fiesta without the sword? All weapons all the time…no matter how irritating they are lol