Take out spartan intro animations before the start of a match?

You konw, the one where thee camera showcases four spartans emoting before a match? There just seems to be a like of bugs and glitches around it and doesn’t support any progressive functions. If they had a customization for what emote we could do, there may be a chance. But so far, it bugs out with camera angles and just freezes the screen in multiplayer, forge, and custom matches.

If they wanted to showcase player’s spartans, just span the camera to a wide angle with all of them in it. If not, its really fidgety.


i think a solid compromise would be
A: Play all animations simultaneously
B: Make it customizable.


I’m sure it’s more of a loading screen than anything.

Maybe they could add more than four animations though.

I’m actually surprised it’s not customizable like the stances.


It’s not a loading screen as the game loads the map and everything before starting the screen.
The point of it is to show off everyone’s customization in the hopes to incentivize players to say “oh wow, that looks cool, I better go buy it” when seeing other player armors. Pretty common tactic in monetized F2P games.

Same reason you see everyone’s weapon stuff when picking up their gun.
Personally it has the opposite effect here, I find those annoying enough it drives me from playing the game.


What ComfyRice said. Store advertising.

However, it is also a great idiot indicator too.

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I realize this, I know mqny f2p games do similar things. But their showcase design is still a buggy mess and doesnt support custom games and many forge creations. As why I said, if they wanted to showcase player’s spartans, the showcase should be more of a simple wideshot or maybe a camera spanning lineup.

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It’s interesting when the match starts and you see the loading screen with different Spartans facing the wrong way. That always intrigued me how that could ever happen.

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Haha fair. I’m not arguing in favor of it. It being removed would be a positive change in my mind, but I just don’t see it likely to happen.


I know nobody uses a mic or are in a party….

But I would rather the time spent looking at four Spartans standing still as the aesthetic where you can select each one so you can see the players stats…

Oh also a pre game lobby where we are encouraged to talk by showing us a map highlighting areas of interest, rockets, overshield etc…


The latter is an excellent suggestion. I remember the number of friends I made in lobbies back in the day


Both suggestion are basically me thinking about the evolution of what we had in Ce,2,3 and reach and then improving….

Right now all that matters in our pre game lobby is our (not mine) purchases from the shop.

Nothing about the pre game scenario incorporates game play or ways of encouraging positivity.


It’s definitely not a loading screen. The game is fully loaded in once the sequence plays… well it is for sure on anything other than the x1. I did notice when I first would play at launch on my x1 that it would usually show the game once the sequence plays. It would skip the map intro sometimes, but usually played the full Spartan team intro. So the game should technically be loaded once the intro plays sooo… yeah not a loading screen.

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lol, yeah, it’s not a loading screen.

It’s just a way to show off the gear of who you’re playing with.

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LOL. Anyone else want to tell me it’s not part of the loading?

I guess the loading finishes after it cycles through the power weapon locations repeatedly.

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That would be correct.

Ey why not.

It’s not a loading screen buddy.


It’s not a loading screen


I have noticed that the animations are not the same. Meaning that on my screen the first player might be doing the punching animation, while on your screen they are doing the arms folded animation.

I figured it would be a good customization, but maybe because it is not consistent it would be harder to implement.

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I think it would be cool if they had emotes you can earn or buy. Masterchief knows how to dance in Fortnite, so why not in Halo?

Halo is not Fortnite . There too different types of games aimed at different types of players. Halo trying to be something else is what got us in this mess in the first place.