Take out item rarity!

Recon isn’t my favorite helmet, I don’t know why I have to grind out so far just to get recon. Matter of fact, why is a teddy bear chest attachment legendary? Why is square kneecaps an epic? Its just so pointless.

Halo customization is about self-expression. If there is a battle pass, every player shouldn’t be forced to get the same armor, we would be putting it on because its something new, not something we actually wanted. If the battle pass lets us choose between 1 of 3 times of armor on level up, it would let us express customization better. But that’s ruined because of rarity and it should be taken out.

The only time rarity would matter if it’s an iconic item. Ex, Chief helmet, superintendent AI., armor effects. Not Pineapple grenade chest plate. They should also be gained from hard earning achievements and not battlepass alone.

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One could wager its a page leftover from Halo 5’s Req Packs or how other FTP titles do cosmetic listing, only with Halo it doesn’t really Gell, since halo isn’t something like a looter shooter or an rpg.

Warframe doesn’t categorise like this, and while that game is mainly for PVE it categorises cosmetics simply as bits, no “Rare Legendary Common” stuff

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I think it’s more to look nice and entice people. But you know it’s wrong when lower tier items are further along the Battle Pass than others.

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Thats what I mean… What should entice people are real items that give actually meaning. Like iconic rarity. This “Epic, Rare, Legendary” just doesn’t work and is only restricted to what the player can express with themselves.

But those RPG games have stat within the armor. Halo infinite is just a cosmetic. Rarity shouldnt mayter

If there is one thing I want back, its the protector set

Yeah, rarity is completely random in this game. It’s more annoying than anything else.

It makes me think I’d like to see a looter shooter mode with various events to get certain items in multiplayer or to see all varieties of the items added to the campaign depending on the difficulty chosen.
You would play on Easy, Normal, Heroic or Legendary to get Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary items, respectively.

The default armor core is “rare” so are the vehicles (I think). Does this mean they’re going to disappear and be replaced by something else.

So like because we’re playing now and we’ve unlocked there “rare” default things? It evens says when I’ve unlocked the warthog :man_facepalming:

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this and trying to make sense of it all :face_with_head_bandage:

“This is madness! Madness, THIS IS SPARTA!” (Kicks guy down the hole along with the logic of the rarity system in infinite :skull_and_crossbones: )

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Yea it doesn’t really do much, I mean I will wear what ever I think looks cool for the model I am feeling.

I must admit I did start off thinking I had to have only gold and purple on, but I have seen some skins and items that are awesome looking.

The item ranking is just an expected norm these days, for me it was my addiction to WoW OG that makes me love the color ranks.

I know, im saying at one point it did due to the RNG system Halo 5 had with the REQ packs, since its an RNG reward system it makes sense for the rarity system to be there, but in Infinite it makes no sense, as a result it feels like a leftover remnant from 5.

It’s just psychological manipulation. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Yeah, item rarity is pretty dumb. There’s only one of everything, it’s equally rare.

I get if you want to have some armor be marked as “special” because its associated with a specific character from a previous game. Halo 5 had those “mythic legendary” pieces that just had a little stripe to indicate it. But there’s no reason for rarity to exist in any capacity beyond that.

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No it def does more. It doesn’t support self-customization expression. Being forced to get an item everyone receives defeats the purpose of designing your spartan. As I said, people would put it on because its something new.

It would be about 2 years from now before you would actually see a vast majority actually look different.

It’s just psychological manipulation. Nothing more, nothing less.

This, it is a method of upselling items in the shop or Battle Pass. Doesn’t matter what the item is or looks like - give it an orange background and it is suddenly more desirable for some reason.

Take the Legendary bracer at level 100 in the ‘free’ Battle Pass. If that same item was given as a green Common item at level 10, people probably wouldn’t bat an eye.

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