take off killcams

Halo doesn’t need killcams.
Also change the pistol to me it seems like a very inaccurate weak dmr, it should be like the pistol in halo reach.

What is the deal with the kill cams anyway, excuse my ignorance and lack of knowledge but are they even accurate? If they actually showed what happened then this game has HUGE hitbox and bullet magnetism issues.

Can’t tell how many times I have been forced to watch a kill cam and watch some guy aim 20 feet to the left of my body with the Assault Rifle and get the kill. Or when a guy shoots me in the foot with the Battle Rifle when I jump and it counts as a head shot.

You know Halo 2a was suppose to have kill cams in the Online MP. And they turned them off for whatever reasons. If 343 really wants to add kill cams to the game (For the arena 4v4 competitive shooter they so want this game to be) Then they at LEAST need to give an option to toggle it off. It offers NO productive gameplay value. At all. It–along side the music that plays with it on every death. Is about the most annoying problem I have with this game so far. (Right along side the ground pound button binding on my left stick, which flawlessly gets me killed more often than not.)

Yeah - killcams in Halo don’t make much sense. Maybe in something like COD, where you get killed because someone saw you first…
But in Halo, it’s so chaotic, who cares…

Like all games that have them, Kill Cams are inaccurate when there is lag. If the Kill Cams don’t make sense, you’re probably having lag issues. There is nothing wrong with them, if anything I use them as an indicator of lag (if what I see doesn’t make sense).