Take it easy with the killzones

Honestly, in matchmaking I 100% understand why killzones are in effect…but custom games, and campaign…?

343 PLEASE do not go overboard with soft killzones, hard killzones, and invisible barriers. It ruins the exploration we once had.

Agreed. I’m fine with all of these areas blocked off for matchmaking, as it certainly helps the game. The problem is that we cannot explore these areas in Forge/Custom games, like in the olden days. There are several areas on Reach’s multiplayer maps that have these permanent soft kill barriers, but they don’t really make sense. There is really no reason to prevent us from reaching the top level of Countdown, or similar areas, except for the obvious negative effects present for matchmaking.

Soft kill zones > Hard barriers. You would otherwise get hard barriers in areas you aren’t supposed to go.